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Stainless steel hex bars are primarily used for manufacturing components such as nuts, hex bolts and special components like Thermowells and hex head plugs, etc. All of these components are used extensively around the world in a lot of industries. RHS Stainless supplies quality hex bar in a variety of grades and sizes.

  The stocking grades and size ranges of stainless steel hex bars offered by us are listed below:
AISI 303 .1875” to 3.00”
AISI 304/304L .1875” to 3.00”
AISI 316/316L .1875” to 3.00”
AISI 416 .1875” to 2.00”
  Grade 303 (AISI 303)

Grade 303, or the UNS S30300 stainless steel bar, is a free-machining stainless steel. Its impressive corrosion resistance and great machinability makes it one of the most popular free-machining stainless steels available. UNS S30300, or Grade 303, is extensively used in different products, starting from general machining like screws, etc. Grade 303 is not responsive to heat treatment, but its durability is impressive, as with the other austenitic grades.

  Grade 303 is used in following industries:
bullet All-purpose machining
bullet Screw machining
  Products manufactured using Grade 303 (completely or partially) are:
bullet Bushings
bullet Aircraft fittings
bullet Gears
bullet Bushings
bullet Nuts and Bolts
bullet Screws
  Grade 304/304L (AISI 304/304L)

Grade 304/304L or UNS S30403 as it’'s called technically, is generally is preferred due to the fact that it is the low carbon content variant of Type 304 and because it is a "“free-machining"” variant. The Grade 304/304L comes with an immense blend of corrosion resistance, strength and fabricibility, which makes it suitable for most industries. The Grade 304/304L like the Grade 303, is unresponsive to heat treatments, but the strength and hardness could be increased by using cold working.

Grade 304/304L is used in most industries.

  Grade 304/304L is used for manufacturing the following products (partially or completely):
bullet Architectural railings, paneling and trim
bullet Chemical containers (even for transport)
bullet Kitchen benches, sinks troughs, equipment and appliances
bullet Food processing equipment
bullet Woven or welded screens for quarrying, mining and water filtration
bullet Threaded fasteners
bullet Springs
  Grade 316/316L (AISI 316/316L)

The Grade 316/316L, also called as Grade 316 and UNS S31600 is an authenitic stainless steel that has chromium, molybdenum and nickel as its major alloying elements. The addition of molybdenum (not present in stainless steel Grade 304) is helpful for Grade 316/316L’s increased resistance in chloride and salt water environments. Grade 316/316L allows for good creep resistance in high temperatures and it has better strength compared to stainless steel 304.

Grade 316/316L is non-magnetic in annealed state, but it can become a slightly magnetic if exposed to cold temperatures for an extensive period of time. If this happens, it may require further annealing to correct. Grade 316/316L isn’t responsive to thermal treatment but its strength and hardness may be increased by cold working.

Grade 316/316L stainless steel, technically referred to as UNS S31600/S31603 or UNS S31600/S31603 is generally known as stainless steel 316/316L. Dual Certified is stainless steel Grade 316’s low carbon content modification. Grade 316/316L stainless steel is primarily used for manufacturing heavy-gage welded products. Grade 316/316L is anti carbide precipitation and it can be used within the temperature range of 797° F to 1580° F. This temperature range is more appropriate in application of connecting corrosion resistance.

  Industries that uses Grade 316/316L:
bullet Chemical
bullet Architectural (in corrosive environments)
bullet Mining
bullet Marine
bullet Pharmaceutical
bullet Petroleum
bullet Textile
bullet Pulp and Paper
bullet Water filtration
bullet Transportation
  Products that make use of Grade 316/316L include:
bullet Compression fittings
bullet Ball valves
bullet Hardware
bullet Flanges
bullet Hose fittings
bullet Heat exchangers
bullet Laboratory benches
bullet Jewelry
bullet Pressure reducing valves
bullet Laboratory gear
bullet Strainers
bullet Springs
bullet Threaded fasteners
  Grade 416 (AISI 416)

Grade 416, also called UNS S41600 is a Martensitic grade of stainless steel. The Martensitic stainless steels are manufactured as an alloy, which could be toughened using heat treatment. It will also be corrosion resistant, though, not as resistant to corrosion as the ferritic or austenitic stainless steels. Stainless Steel 416 has respectable wear resistant, and is magnetic. It also is highly machinable. Its other qualities include: non-galling and non-seizing properties, sensible strength in hardened and tempered state and resistance to gently corrosive surroundings. Generally it’s ordered in T (tempered), H (hardened) and A (annealed) conditions.

Stainless Steel 416 is not approved to be used in high sulfur surroundings (MR-01-03, NACE MR-01-75). Stainless Steel 416 is in general considered as the first “free machining” stainless steel and has the capability to be easily tapped, turned, reamed, broached, threaded milled and drilled according to manufacturer's approval for different suitable tool feeds, types and speeds.

  Industries using Grade 416 include:
bullet Electrical motor
bullet Nut and Bolt
bullet Gear
bullet Pump
bullet Valve
  Products made of Grade 416 (partially or completely) include:
bullet Axles
bullet Fasteners
bullet Bolts
bullet Motor shafts
bullet Gears
bullet Pinions
bullet Nuts
bullet Screw machine parts
bullet Pump shafts
bullet Studs
bullet Washing machine components
bullet Valve parts

Our stainless steel hex bars have sharp edges with superior finish and meet all ASTM and International Standards. Our rigorous stainless hex bars incoming inspection process ensures that we only stock the highest quality stainless steel hex bars that meet the strict requirements of our customers.

The stocking size range of stainless steel hex bar offered by us is listed below:

  Stocking Size Range
AISI 303 .1875” to 3.00”
AISI 304/304L .1875” to 3.00”
AISI 316/316L .1875” to 3.00”
AISI 416 .1875” to 2.00”

Our stock of 316 Hex, 303 Hex, 304 Hex, and 416 Hex at RHS Stainless is of the highest quality. We offer hex bars in a variety of grades and sizes to meet all of our customers'’ needs. All of this, in addition to an experienced team, results in the supply of top quality stainless steel hex bar that keep our clients dedicated to RHS Stainless

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